NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Bronzed Pink: Review and Swatches

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today’s post!

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some pictures and swatches of NYC’s Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Bronzed Pink.

Price: $4.99

Color: Bronzed Pink

Amount of Product: 9 grams or .32 ounces

Animal Testing: NYC is not a cruelty free brand

This product is a matte face powder, and I was drawn to its neutral appearance. I liked the brown and beige tones mixed with a few light pink and mauve tones since it’s always handy to have a neutral blush to go with any makeup look. As for pigmentation, I am pretty pale and even for me, I find that I need to build this up. I think for medium or darker skin tones, this wouldn’t show up well.

All pictures were taken outside in natural sunlight.

NYC Front

NYC LabelNYC OpenNYC Open1NYC Swatch1 NYC Swatch

This is the only product on my cheeks aside from foundation underneath. I really like the neutral look of this product but because it requires some building up for this level of color (this look is a few layers), it can look a bit powdery on the skin. However I do appreciate the matte finish-no shimmer or sparkle to be found here.



I hope you found this post helpful, and thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Bronzed Pink: Review and Swatches

  1. Wow!!! Gorgeous swatches! I am impressed, NYC! I have to admit that I have always skimmed over the NYC mosaic products. I am usually too googly-eyed over the eyeshadow trios, and the shimmer dusts! 😉 I must tell you that, looking at your swatches and how pretty it looks on your cheek, this really reminds me of my Dior Nude mosaic bronzer, in the lighter-toned Sunlight 002. Thanks for the wonderful review! I am happy to have found your blog!!! 😀


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!! I appreciate it. I’ve actually used one of their mosaic bronzers too for quite some time (all over bronze glow maybe?) but that’s awesome it looks so similar! I too am always distracted by other things haha, I have one of the shimmer dusts and love the look of it but it’s kinda messy since it’s the newer one in the tube. So glad you found the review to be helpful 🙂


    1. Oh that’s a bummer! Hmm well this one feels smooth to me, like when I swirl my finger around in it. So I don’t notice it being grainy, but thick, perhaps. Especially because this one is a little lighter in shade I think it could look powdery upon building it up.


      1. Thank you 😊 but i am just at the beginning .. so dont expect too much! But i hope you like it.. i will try to upload new posts every day!


  2. I’ve been wondering how good these were! I’m curious about the Milani ones as well…but only to use as a highlight on the top of my cheeks.


    1. I do like the look but for that color in particular, it does need some building up because it is a bit on the lighter side! And I’m also pretty pale. But I actually like that and love how it looks because even when I try to be super light handed with some things, I’m a repeat offender with accidentally going crazy with blush haha


      1. I’m guilty of that as well! I tend to stick to lighter tone blushes for that reason. That’s actually why I love Coralista by Benefit. It warms the skin up more than anything else, really.


      2. Yes! I love a good deal, especially on makeup! I actually prefer the WetNWild eyeshadow trios to most high end brands…with the exception of my Naked Basics palette. 🙂


      3. Oh yeah they’ve got some great stuff! I’m always on a budget and a majority of my stuff is actually drugstore but I think there’s so much great stuff out there nowadays that I don’t feel I’m missing out on quality for the most part 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! I do actually have one of the bronzers (same mosaic style) and have had good luck with it. It’s also matte which I appreciate. I should have paid more attention yesterday to how it wore but I don’t recall having any issues! Ill have to pay attention again and make a note 🙂


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