Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quads-Copper Chic and Violet Volt: Review and Swatches

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing swatches of two Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow quads.

Price: $8-$10 depending on the store

Colors: Copper Chic (permanent) and Violet Volt (limited edition)

Amount of Product: 2.5 grams or .09 ounces

Animal Testing: Maybelline is not a cruelty free brand

These shadows have nice color payoff, feel smooth, and in my experience, they’ve lasted well throughout the day. (I always use eye shadow primer.) I think in a majority if not all of the Maybelline Eye Studio Quads, the colors are either shimmery or glittery.  I’ve noticed fall out with these shadows especially with shades that contain larger glitter pieces. (The second silver shade in Violet Volt is more of a sheer, glitter topcoat as opposed to an opaque silver.)

Overall I think these are very nice drugstore shadows! These Eye Studio quads seem to be a bit higher in quality than the Expert Wear quads (although I can’t give a great comparison since I’ve only ever used a couple of the Expert Wear quads.) Also, I like the sponge tip applicators that come in these quads. The tips are a little smaller and more tapered than the sponge tips we typically see in drugstore palettes, and I find that they can be really helpful for packing on color or for inner corner and brow highlights.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you found this post helpful!

Photos were taken outside in natural sunlight.



33 thoughts on “Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quads-Copper Chic and Violet Volt: Review and Swatches

    1. I’m so glad you think so, that’s good to know! And of course, the camera I use is a Nikon Coolpix P80. It’s actually about 4 or 5 years old so I don’t think they make this model in particular anymore. If you need any other details I’d be happy to try and find them, although I’m completely illiterate when it comes to photography haha.


    1. Well no problem, haha. I was debating about posting it at all since it would probably be a challenge to find, but I figure I am going to contribute to the vast gallery of swatches out there if people need them 🙂


      1. My favorite aisles! I barely buy anything that isn’t some kinda deal anymore. Since I already technically have plenty of stuff, it’s a little easier to justify that way 😉


      2. Well, I have a problem where I work for high-end companies, and so I haven’t bought any drugstore products in a year and a half. Just got hired at Walgreens as a beauty advisor, so I suspect that will change lol


      3. Oh gotcha, well that makes sense for sure. I’ve been the opposite for a long time. I have very few high end things due to budget. But I think drugstore stuff has come a long way and I’m very happy with all the options out there and how you can still do great things with it!


  1. I am really loving the look of the coper chic palette. I haven’t come across it in the UK yet, I think I need to have a look for it! Pigmentation looks lovely and the colours are so wearable 🙂 x


    1. I agree! I got that one first because I figured it would be good for the blue eyes. It’s always nice to have some colors in the brown family, but I think these are nice, pretty variations. Plus I just love shimmer too 🙂 Good luck in finding it, hope it won’t be too expensive! I’ve heard things in Australia are quite expensive, but I don’t know much about the UK haha.


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