Galaxy Chic Blue Eye Look

Since I posted swatches of the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette yesterday, and my sister made a comment on my last eye look that I should do a blue eye look next, I figured it was the perfect time to do so since this palette has multiple awesome blue shades!

Other than the Galaxy Chic palette, I just used some Physician’s Formula gel eyeliner and black mascara. I used Neptune on the inner and outer corners, Earth and Comet on the middle of the lid, and blended above in the crease with Meteor and Saturn. A mixture of those blues were used under the eye as well.



31 thoughts on “Galaxy Chic Blue Eye Look

    1. Thank you very much!! Well lots of practice haha. I have hooded eyes too so winged eyeliner is a pain. I think I’ve figured out a system to do it that works for me. I’ll have to see if I can try and document that with pictures somehow to share! Other than that, I used gel eyeliner for this so it wouldn’t bleed in making the extra pointy inner corners 🙂


      1. I need to break out of my neutral comfort zone. It’s a bit odd because I can rock crazy nail shades at work but makeup is a whole different thing. Haha. I’m color shy.


      2. Oh I gotcha there! Makes sense. I mean I wouldn’t wear that kind of thing to work. (I would if I could though!) I actually need to work on being a little more simple sometimes and not feeling like I need to do something dramatic!


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