Rainbow Trout Eyes!

Today’s eye look has a very specific and goofy name-trout eyes. I have had the Covergirl quad in the color Tropical Fusion for a very long time. These are probably the first bright eye shadow colors I ever purchased. When I got this, I was very new to makeup, but I decided it would be fun to use all of the shades in this quad to create a super colorful look. When I showed the look to my husband the first time, he lovingly called the look trout eyes because the bright colors reminded him of a rainbow trout! When I did this back in the day, it was a little more basic than what I did today since I’ve added in some extra products and colors. This quad/look is definitely nostalgic for me!

Details of the products and process are down below! Thanks for stopping by 🙂





31 thoughts on “Rainbow Trout Eyes!

    1. Thank you lovely! Yes in fact it did. Just lots and back and forth with blending and building things up and placement and all that. I try to be especially careful since I know I’ll be taking pictures and don’t want to look a mess. But when you love makeup, that’s not a big deal. Not something I’d want to use to get ready for work though haha


  1. Thats a really pretty lipstick color! Colors like that are so easy to wear because I don’t worry about them getting everywhere!


      1. Aw well that’s cool! I say go for it. If you ever put a look up here, I’d love to see it! I just think it’s so fun to experiment. I start out just doing it on days when I stay home for some fun playing around, but I’d totally go out in this hehe


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