Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Kiwi Rose: Review and Swatches

Hello friends! Today’s post features swatches of the Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in the shade Kiwi Rose which is an amazing, iridescent lime green/white color. It looks simple and white in the pot, but in different angles in the light, this takes on a beautiful lime green color with iridescence. I tried to capture it in a few different angles in the hopes of showing the shimmer and shine.

Price: $4.99

Amount of Product: Net weight 2.5 grams

Animal Testing: Jesse’s Girl is cruelty free

One of my favorite uses for this product is as an inner corner highlight and also a cheek bone highlight! It’s such a beautiful green duo chrome shade. The iridescence in this product can make the shadow look patchy when applied all over the lid even when it’s not. At some angles it looks like there is a bald spot without shadow even when that’s not the case which is an issue I often have with duo chrome and even some plain metallic shadows. Using these types of products over sticky bases or with glitter glues can help remedy that issue.

P.S. There is a sifter on the top of this product that for some idiotic reason, I removed thinking it was supposed to come off when I really just needed to take off the safety sticker.  It took me WORK to get it off. That should have been a signal it was supposed to be there. It might make a little mess if you decide to remove that top. It also might get all over your hands and give the textured surfaces of your camera a nice, somewhat permanent iridescent green quality. Oops!

DSCN1866DSCN1871DSCN1365DSCN1868DSCN1869DSCN1873DSCN1875DSCN1877 DSCN1879DSCN1878DSCN1880DSCN1881DSCN1370


25 thoughts on “Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Kiwi Rose: Review and Swatches

  1. I love the shimmering iridescent’s. Unfortunately, as seen in your last pic they don’t like me. This is always the end result. OR it’s all over my face and I spend the next 30 minutes trying to get it off of my face with my trusty eye makeup remover LOL. Love all the pics!


    1. I’m honestly not quite sure at this point. So far, I have used this color kind of as an accent (inner corner, lower lash line) and while using it those areas lasted fine, I haven’t used it as a whole lid color yet where it would get more wear and creasing. I’m going to try and do a look with this as the focus so I’ll make note of it there! Sorry hope that was at least a bit helpful! So far I’m thinking it would last nicely with primer 🙂


  2. GORGEOUS shade! This looks similar to the theBalm overshadows that I showed in my new post. Very messy, I basically did the same that you did haha


  3. It’s super pretty !! Looks clear silver with a golden shimmer .. I don’t know if I am describing it well .. I swatched it over Essie Mamba, but I also have pictures of the polish alone and didnt post it yet .. It really shimmers !


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