Wet n Wild Desert Festival Eye Look

Hi everyone! I thought I’d write a quick post to share with you my eye look for today since I haven’t shared one in a while! This look uses only one palette which is the Wet n Wild Desert Festival palette from the Fergie Collection. The only eye shadow I used that wasn’t in this palette was my brow bone highlight.

This is a very simple look-all I did was blend the matte orange into and above the crease, used the dark brown with glitter all over the eyelid, and blended those two colors together by using the shimmery bronze color in the crease to transition the brown into the orange. I also took a combination of the orange and dark brown shadows under the lash line. I decided to go for a little more shimmer on the lid by blending in that shimmery copper color as well. I used a nude eyeliner in my lower water line and finished it off with some black mascara.



56 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Desert Festival Eye Look

  1. I really love this look! Too bad I cant get this palette in my country! But I’m going to look for these colors because the match so well together! And you make it sound so simple! :p I like to do my make-up (especially my eyes) but with these colors I always make a mess on my eyes :p


    1. Good luck finding the colors! I do truly feel like this was a simple one haha. Like sometimes I’ll end with with this crazy v shape on the outside but I really tried to make this one easier since i was short on time when I did it. So the color just kind of ended up in this shape by simple windshield wiper motions. But thank you for the nice comment 🙂


  2. This is gorgeous! It really looks great on you. It’s dramatic while still being totally wearable. I love browns/bronze eyeshadows. 🙂 I think you just convinced me to buy this palette…haha.


    1. Thanks Hannah, that’s very sweet! Yeah when I went out of the house I realized woah, it’s a little more smoky than I was thinking haha which is totally fine since I wear “night” looks in the days anyways. I’ll have to experiment with other looks using this too 🙂


      1. Me too, I love makeup but even if something is good quality I make sure there is nothing similar to it before I spend a fortune 🙂


    1. Oh nice! Well I really hope you like it! I thought it made a really nice look, and it’s nice to find that kind of orange especially in the drugstore. I should do an actual swatch post for it too. I think I’ll try and do swatches of most of my products eventually haha. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


      1. Definitely. I’m pretty pale so certainly things show up differently! I would be so nice is drugstore products had more testers!! Then at least you could get a better idea.


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