Fake Nails!!

I always like to check out the clearance section at my location Walgreens, and last time I was there I found these little gems. They were marked $3.49 but were on extra clearance for $2.00! Normally these little sets are around 7 or 8 dollars so I was glad to find these for so cheap.
For being press on nails, these really do hold up very well. The package says they will last for at least a week. I didn’t leave mine on for that long just because I was going camping but for when I did have them on, they looked very nice. I think I had mine on for about four days and only a couple of them started to get a little chipped after a few rounds of disc golf.


The bright orange and yellow was a little out there for me but they are super fun and I got lots of compliments on them. I’m excited to try the other colors 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fake Nails!!

  1. Lovely nails. I generally do 3 step process for nail arts (base coat+nail polish+top coat). My nails stay unchipped and shiny for about a week 🙂


  2. These are so cute!! Love the yellow and orange. I’ve tried them before but some of the sizes are off for me. Plus I think I’ve gotten overly attached to my short nails since I freak out when all the gunk gets underneath the longer nails haha. But I love all those colors!


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