Today I thought I would share with you my face of the day! The focus of this look is this awesome shimmery teal/green eyeliner I got from BH Cosmetics. I got it when it was on hautelook a while back so it was even cheaper than normal! Since I went with sparkly green eyeliner, I didn’t even put on any eyeshadow, just used mascara.
Lately I have been using a new primer from Cover FX, which you can find at Sephora. This is their mattifying primer with anti acne treatment. So far I have been really liking it. I don’t think it’s made any difference with acne but it does help my makeup go on nice and smooth.


After primer, I used my faithful Cover Girl 3 in 1 foundation in number 820, creamy natural with my knock-off beauty blender from TJMaxx.


Rite Aid recently had 40% off Physicians Formula foundation, powder, and concealer. I got this Mineral Wear Talc-Free Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural. I think this is advertised as a powder foundation and only comes in three colors. I don’t think I would use it just as a powder foundation, but for a regular face powder, I really enjoy it. Super sad life story, this recently fell out of my cabinet and shattered all over my floor. Epic fail. However, I really liked it when I was using it and I will definitely repurchase next time I can find it on sale again.

20140531-222855.jpg 20140531-223008.jpg

For blush today I was trying out a new one from BH Cosmetics. I got this when it was on sale on Haute Look. This is their blush duo in Rose. They have I think 4 or 5 colors of these duos and they all looked really pretty. This one has a deep pink/rosey color and then a much lighter pink/peach highlighting color. I like to swirl both colors together and use the lighter color as a little bit of a highlight.

20140531-223017.jpg 20140531-223024.jpg   20140531-223100.jpg

Here is what it looks like with the individual colors swatched, with them swirled together in the bottom swatch.

For eyes today I went a little out of the ordinary for me and used this awesome sparkly dark green BH Party Girl Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Dream. This stuff was SUPER tough to remove, even with makeup remover, so I would definitely say its waterproof-ness is good.

20140531-223034.jpg 20140531-223042.jpg 20140531-223052.jpg

Since I went with a pretty heavy eyeliner line, I didn’t use any other eyeshadow, just mascara. The mascara combo I have been using is the Cover Girl Clump Crusher and Maybelline The Rocket Volume. I like the new Rocket mascara but if you try to do more than one coat it gets rather clumpy. With one coat it looks really good on its own but I like to add a little bit more with a coat of the clump crusher 🙂


I went with a simple pink lip gloss from the Sephora brand in pin-up pink. It is not super opaque, but for me that is okay.


And my finished face! 🙂





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