Makeup Through the Ages Collaboration: The 1980’s



Hey friends! I’d like to welcome you to a very special post.  Today’s post is part of a collaboration between numerous fabulous bloggers and as you can tell from the title, the posts feature makeup looks through the ages! We’ve got the 1920’s through the 2000’s with a couple other categories including Egyptian, Present Day, and Futuristic. It is such a pleasure to be a part of this collaboration so I really hope you enjoy! All of the other posts will be linked at the bottom so definitely go check them out!!

Brittany from The Beauty Deputy facilitated this collaboration so a big thank you to her for putting it all together. She initially wrote a post about wanting to put together a decade themed post collaboration and asked people to sign up for the decade they were interested in. When I saw that the 1980’s were still open, I snatched it up in a heartbeat! Why?

  1. I was born in the 1980’s.
  2. Blue eye shadow.
  3. No apologies for extra harsh blush.
  4. Color.
  5. The best music.
  6. Everyone has access to 80’s fashion….thrift stores!

The posts in this collaboration all feature a makeup look and some included other aspects of their decade like fashion or hair. I decided to feature a makeup tutorial as well as a fashion look because come on, when you have the chance to dress up 80’s style, you take advantage of it. FYI, this isn’t necessarily completely historically accurate to the 80’s, but I did some research and tried to keep things legit. I decided to do a “party” 80’s look that features the fabulously bright, stereotypical neons and colors of the 80’s. So lets get started 🙂

I started off by priming my eyes with Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion. Following that, I applied NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over my eye from eyelid to brow as well as under the eye and then blended it out with my finger.

801 802

When I think 80’s eye shadow, the first thing the comes to mind is bright blue and hot pink. I took my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box and used the color Peace (bright blue) all over my eyelid as well as above the crease.

803 804 805 806

Just be aware, things are going to look very messy along the way, but it all turns out, I promise! Makeup in the 80’s wasn’t quite as precise as it is now-more about blocks of color and less about fancy, perfected blending. I just slapped it all on for the most part! (Another random note, if I’ve written a post about any the products I’ve used here, I will provide the link.)

I then took Fishnet (iridescent purple) from the same Deluxe Shadow Box and blended that above the blue all the way up to my eye brow. Yup, take the color up to those brows!  I left open the front section of the eye.

807 808

I took the color Venus (shimmery orange) from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette and placed that in the last remaining open spot on the top of my eye-from the inner corner all the way up to the front of the eyebrow.

809 810

I used Milani’s Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink under the whole lower lash line.

811 812

This next step really helps the eye look come together. Take Peace (bright blue) once again, and brighten up where you put it initially. Then make the blue area a little larger by taking the color and expanding it over the edges of the purple and the orange. I wanted the blue to be the main focus so layering it over the other two shades helped the look blend together without actually doing a bunch of blending.

Both eyes after adding more blue. I think you can see how there is more blue now and less orange and purple.


I used Essence’s Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black and put it in my lower waterline as well as on the upper lash line. I then took a pencil brush and smudged both areas out. I also put on some mascara-Covergirl’s Clump Crusher. (I also put mascara on the lower lashes even though I forgot to for the picture!) I did some eye shadow touch ups (like intensifying colors) along the way-it’s one of those things where you just keep checking and making adjustments as you see fit.

814 815 816

On to the face. I used Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer followed by Covergirl’s Stay Fabulous Outlast 3 in 1 Foundation in Ivory. I applied quite a few layers of foundation since foundation application in the 80’s was heavy! I used Sonia Kashuk’s Liquid Light Concealer in Halo under my eyes and set that with elf’s Tone Correcting Powder in Cool. I covered any blemishes with Bare Minerals Bisque.

816a 817

I used Wet n Wild’s Berry Shimmer Blush to essentially contour the cheeks. Blush in the 80’s was very distinct-a very heavy stripe of blush was used under and on the cheekbones but wasn’t really brought out to the apple of the cheek. I brought back Delizioso Pink and used it slightly above Berry Shimmer to add some extra brightness since Berry Shimmer is so red based. I took the blush shades up on to the temples too for some extra pizzazz.

818 819 820 821

Quick note-80’s brows seemed pretty natural and a little unruly so I didn’t use any products on my brows for this look.

Finally some lipstick. I chose Wet n Wild’s Fergie Lipstick in the shade Fuchsianista which is a beautiful fuchsia shade with a hint of iridescent purple.

822 823

As I was getting ready, I had my hair in multiple braids in an attempt to get a crimped look! (I should have taken a picture, my husband said I looked like a rapper haha.) So before I put it in the final style, it did have some waves but since I wasn’t able to leave the braids in as long as I had wanted, it really turned out a bit more puffy overall which still works for the 80’s! Decided to go with the high side pony tail in the end.

824 825

And here is the final look!

826 827 828 829

On to the outfit! Yet again, can’t go wrong with those bright colors. A thrift store is a perfect place to shop for 80’s goodies since there’s a good chance you’ll find items actually from the 80’s. This whole get up (blazer, shirt-which I cut the shoulders off of, leggings, sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces) cost me about 15 bucks. The blazer, shirt, leggings, and jewelry came from thrift shops, and the sun glasses were on sale for four bucks at Target. I already had the shoes, green shirt, and leg warmers. Thrift shops have awesome 80’s shoes, but I couldn’t find what I wanted in a size that would fit my big feet!

830 831 832 833 834 835 836 837 838 839 840

You  couldn’t tell from the pictures above so I had to show a better image of these crazy blue crushed velvet leggings!

841 842

Well there we have it my loves, my 80’s inspired makeup and fashion look! I really hope you enjoyed this post-it was a lot of fun to create and execute!

All of the ladies and their decades are listed below so definitely go check them out 🙂

Egyptians/Cleopatra: Angela from

1920’s: Soph from Little Bit Soph

1930’s: Meagan from A Beauty Obsession…air-and-makeup/

1940’s: Olivia from Eye Have A Lot of Feelings

1950’s: Heather from Coconut & Cotton

1960’s: Brittany from The Beauty Deputy

1970’s: Michelle from Pretty in the East

1980’s: That’s me!

1990’s: Jacquelyn from the Little Scottish Corner

2000’s: Stephanie Wright

Present Day: Barbe from Fashionista in Surburbia

Futuristic: Becky from MakeupandFreckles


54 thoughts on “Makeup Through the Ages Collaboration: The 1980’s

  1. Wow you did an amazing job! And like you said good choice on the blue eye shadow. Peace! I agree about the 80s being awesome. I was born in that decade as well. Your outfit was very 80s. Thank you for being part of this collab with me! I really had fun! Sorry it took so long to comment (work was super busy and I am finally finding time now.)


    1. Thank you so much! Haha yeah just got a kick out of that. That shade seems to be a perfect blue for a variety of decades. Well thank you for setting it all up!! What a fun idea and I’m happy I was able to participate 🙂 And that’s no problem at all. So relatable-I’ve also had more work hours lately which sadly takes time away from the blog!


  2. This look is so vibrant and exciting!! Love this sunglasses and that fantastically over-applied blush, I wish that were socially acceptable nowadays 🙂


  3. Oh My! I dressed like that in the 80s and I thought I looked pretty cool! You absolutely NAILED it! Hair, make up and clothes! Oh yes, the bright eyeshadow, and even more so the bright blush and neon everything! Such a great job, well done x


    1. When I dressed up in it this time I thought it was pretty great and cool actually 😉 But thanks so much!! That’s really great to know. I figured this would be relatively simple since I didn’t have to worry too much about perfection and matching haha. Thanks for your sweet thoughts!!


  4. Great Job!!! I love the colors you chose for the makeup especially the blue shadow and blush! I have a few of those Fergie lipsticks and used one in my look! The packaging is horrible but they are a great drugstore lipstick! I like that you included an 80s outfit as well! ❤


    1. Thank you Michelle!! Yeah I was really excited about the blush because I chronically apply too much blush anyways…so at least I had an excuse to this time haha. Oh it totally didn’t connect with me that you also used was also a Fergie lipstick, nice! Looks like a nice color. I hadn’t worn it in a while but put it on and forgotten that it felt quite nice! But thanks for the sweet comment 🙂


      1. You’re welcome 🙂 You didn’t notice because mine is beyond scuffed up from being in a makeup bag thanks to the crap silver overlay on the tube. Its not very recognizable hahaha They are super pigmented lipsticks though!


      2. Haha gotcha. When I had picked the 80s I immediately thought of that one to use. The only other color I have is the black one since I thought it was super neat to be able to find a black lipstick in the drugstore! Granted I haven’t really worn it but Ill have to give it a try sometime for some crazy look!


      3. Ooh I just thought of this… not sure if this will turn out like I image but you could apply a cherry red gloss over the black lipstick for a super vampy red lip. Or use it for mixing to make any other lipstick deeper.


  5. Radical! I love love love this look, especially the eye makeup – such great colour choices, and of course Urban Decay would be the natural choice for such bright eyeshadow! Having an 80’s playlist to read along to was also an inspired choice, and I love how you’ve done your hair! Brilliant post, love it 🙂


    1. Thank you SO much! That’s so sweet! So glad you enjoyed 🙂 Yeah I was happy to have that palette because while I’m sure I have other blues, that is the first one that came to mind since it’s so bright and just seems like the quintessential blue tone! I loved your post as well and it’s been fun to travel through time with everyone’s looks!


    1. Thanks hun!! It was fun to just go crazy with the colors. Haha yeah the funny part is that you can pretty much find this kind of stuff in stores now anyways! It cycles back around 🙂


      1. I know right? 🙂 Denim on denim, jumpsuits, overalls, high waisted everything (which I love). Grunge is slowly coming back too.

        As long as mullets, crimped hair, and turtlenecks don’t make a comeback, I’ll be fine haha


      2. Haha for sure! Yeah so many styles I could have gone with. I totally remember wearing overalls (granted it was in the 90s) and then I couldn’t believe when it saw them in stores recently. Pass!!


    1. Aw thank you!! It was fun to be goofy and colorful, why not go all out 🙂 I think there are only a couple posts that aren’t up yet, I was actually just in the process of fixing some links haha


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