A New Series

Hey friends!

As many makeup lovers know, it isn’t hard to accumulate makeup products. In fact, it isn’t hard to accumulate far too many makeup products! I’ve recently gone through my stash and cleaned up bunches of stuff to send to my sister, but even with that, I’ve still got a solid amount of makeup.  That got me thinking about things I could do in order to help myself use up products as well as play with items that may not get used as often.

I started thinking that it would be fun to create a new series for my blog sharing a variety of makeup looks while making sure to use up a wider variety of products that sometimes get ignored. But I wanted there to be some kind of theme involved, some kind of unifying concept in order to make this a series.

Because I am a huge music lover, I’ve decided to start a series entitled Music Inspired Makeup. I love music of all kinds-everything from rock to folk to electronic to country to instrumental to oldies to classical…you get the idea. This will give me a way to use a larger variety of my products while incorporating the enjoyment of using a specific source of inspiration-a song. Each of these posts will be based on a song that I choose, and the inspiration could be related to any part of that song-lyrics or a specific lyric, song title, album cover, the artist’s look in a music video, an emotional feeling the song gives me, and so on. And the looks themselves will vary too-they could be anything from a natural, simple look to something more unique and avant-garde.

I wanted to create a separate post to share this idea in order to link it in my future Music Inspired Makeup posts so I won’t have to explain it every time. I’ve already taken photos of a music inspired look I created today so be on the lookout for that post in the near future! I hope you guys will enjoy this new series! As always, thanks so much for reading 🙂



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