Eye Look: Burnt Plum and Toasted

Hey guys! Yesterday I posted some swatches of my two elf Baked Eye Shadows, and I got a few requests/comments about creating a look with these shades. I love these colors and hadn’t worn them in a while so this was perfect timing.

I used these shades (Toasted and Burn Plum) dry over the Milani Eye Primer. Burnt Plum was used in the inner and outer corner and Toasted was used in the center (on both the eyelid and lower lash line.) It was a process of building up the color, then blending, then building and more blending. I didn’t want to use any other colors in this look (such as a transition shade) so you guys could see how these colors look on their own. I only used one other shadow in this look which was Brulee from Wet n Wild (matte cream shade) since I needed to do some blending. But I figured that wouldn’t distort these shades in any way.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll come back with an update to note how these lasted. I’ve had this look on since about 11:30am or so. Update: I noticed minimal fading throughout the day and after around 8 ish hours, there wasn’t any major creasing-only the tiniest bit maybe starting to crease on the inner corner of one eye.




43 thoughts on “Eye Look: Burnt Plum and Toasted

  1. Ooooh pretty pretty… Loving the look on you 🙂
    The color is gorgeous on you and sure does make your lovely blue eyes pop. I think I may need to get my hands on these eye shadows… LOL


    1. Why thank you! I even like the more simple look of just putting the lighter color on the lid and the darker one in the crease. But of course I had to do something a little more epic hehe


    1. Thanks beautiful! I’d love to see it if you do. So far I haven’t noticed fading and it’s been a few hours! Granted I’ve been pretty lazy today too so it’s not like I’m putting makeup through much trouble haha


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