Request-Makeup for School

Hey everyone! Today I’m featuring a request from the beautiful Maria who blogs over at Cat Eyes Red Lips. Definitely go check out her out. Her blog is fabulous-reviews, fashion, perfect makeup looks, and much more!

Maria said she would love to see some makeup looks for school.

When I think of makeup for school, I think of a look that’s fresh, clean, and simple. Does that mean you shouldn’t rock crazy, fun colors and dramatic looks at school? Certainly not. Obviously this is a matter of opinion, but overall this post will be focused around what I enjoy and think is most appropriate for an everyday school look which is something more natural. This holds especially true for younger teens and ladies around high school age. Don’t feel like you need to be heavily made up to impress people! I believe there is something great about being minimal and accentuating your sweet, natural beauty. Plus it’s important to think about function for school. Chances are you’re going to be a bit pressed for time while getting ready so a quick, natural face will be a more practical choice.

1. First, think about your basics and what can you leave out: What is the minimum number of products you can use and still feel comfortable? For instance, I can easily go without eyeliner but for others, eyeliner is a must for their makeup routine. Determine what your staple products are and ignore the rest. For example, blush is always a must have for me but bronzer is not. This will help keep the look more natural as well as to save you a lot of time.

2. Foundation: When going for a natural look, less is more when it comes to foundation and skin. If you’ve got naturally wonderful skin, you could easily skip out on foundation altogether or use something nice and light like a tinted moisturizer, mineral foundation, or BB/CC cream. (Always include sunscreen!) I’ve personally been having some crazy hormonal breakouts so I feel like I need a little more coverage in certain areas because that suits my personal comfort level. However, even with my breakouts, I still try and stay minimal but add concealer where I need it. That way my skin doesn’t look too heavy or cakey. Below I’ve used a light dusting of Bare Minerals Matte Foundation and a Sonia Kashuk concealer to cover breakouts.


3. Concealer: I use concealer to cover blemishes as well as to cover dark circles under my eyes. I used Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer in the Brigtener shade.


4. Cheeks: I always need a blush! I like a nice, bright pink right on the apple of the cheek. A nice pop of color gives life to my skin. I chose to use Milani’s Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink. I probably go a little heavier on blush for a simple look like this since there isn’t a lot of other color on my face.


5. Eyes: Depending on my mood, I will either totally skip eye shadow or use a couple neutral, light shades to emphasize the natural definition of the eye. If I choose to use eye shadow, I also use an eye shadow primer. The Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Matte Palette is a great choice for a simple, neutral look like this. It’s got a great variety of neutral shades that include warm and cool shades that range from light to dark so depending on your skin tone and under tone, you can pick whatever shades flatter you. I’ve chosen to use the lightest shade all over the lid and then blended a taupe shade in the crease.



This technique creates a very subtle but slightly more defined eye.


6. Eyeliner/Mascara: Eyeliner is something I prefer to skip. With my hooded eyes, eyeliner takes up a lot of my lid space, and fiddling with winged eyeliner is just too much fuss for a school day. However mascara is another must for me. I love the look of a simple eye with statement lashes! I used a couple coats of Tarte’s Lights Camera Lahses Mascara.


7. Brows: Choosing to do brows is six of one, half a dozen of their other. If you feel like you need to do something with your brows, do it. If not, just let them be. I like to go for something super quick for brows since I like to fill in some sparse spots and create a little more definition. Personally, a brow pencil or powder is the quickest for me. I used an Essence Brow Pencil.


8. Lips: I am a minimalist when it comes to lip products. More often than not, I will choose a lip balm over a color lip product, but do what’s comfortable for you. The lips are a perfect and easy opportunity to make your school look a little more bold. Popping on a nice, bright color is much less time consuming than creating a fancy eye but will still give you a bold and fun look. I’ve provided three options below.  This first is simply a clear lip balm. The second is a tinted balm type product from Loreal that still feels nice to wear but provides a little more color. The third option comes from NYX, and it’s one of their Butter Lipsticks in the shade Fizzies. This product gives a great pop of color but still feels nice and smooth like a balm. I personally like low maintenance lip products that feel comfortable and could be applied without a mirror.




And here is the final school look! I think something like this is a nice balance of looking natural while looking put together and enhancing whatever features you choose.



I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope this fulfilled your request Maria 🙂 To summarize, I think less is more for school, and I would try and focus on the few products that make you feel naturally comfortable. My main focus is on lashes and cheeks. Perhaps this routine is way too much stuff for you or perhaps it’s not quite enough so just go with whatever is the quickest and most flattering for you! I keep the words simple, natural, clean, and fresh in my mind. Thanks so much for reading and see you next time!



27 thoughts on “Request-Makeup for School

  1. Oh you look fresh and beautiful, great job! I’m going to get me that essence brow pencil, I love it on you! And thank you for honouring my request, I will be definitely be recreating this for school! 😀


    1. You are very welcome!! Aw I’m glad! I do like that little pencil. I think the main con might be the color selection-it’s been a while but it don’t recall there being a ton of color options. But they’re quite inexpensive so that always helps 🙂


  2. I have the Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso and Berry Amore. Going to have to try that shade! Looks like a really pretty pink


      1. Berry Amore is a amazing for fall and winter. And Luminoso is nice for a subtle flush any time of the year 🙂 two of my fave blushes


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