Mani Monday!

Hey everyone! I might be a little behind on the new Maybelline collections but I wanted to share this with you anyway! This polish has quickly become one of my absolute favorites and I’ve gotten so many compliments when I wear it.
This is Day Glow Teal from the Maybelline Bleached Neons collection.


The top coat I have been using lately is also one of my favorites. It’s from the brand Absolute! And is the Express Fast Dry Top Coat. I got this randomly at TjMaxx, and I must say, it really is quick drying!

It is also pretty awesome that I have been climbing for two days with this polish on and it’s hardly chipped!! Hope you enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Mani Monday!

  1. Hello my dear, I’ve just seen now that you got already the One lovely blog award…I’ve received it as well and thought about you. Your ‘A casual beauty’ is very lovely! Enjoy your day. Cheers.


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