Naked Basics 2 Dupe???

Hey Everyone! I have recently been seriously considering getting the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette…But now I don’t think I will and you will see why! I had my friend Lindsey who owns the Naked Basics 2 swatch it and send me her photo so you can see the comparison. Now, I don’t think my alternative palettes are a 100% match, but if you are looking for a much cheaper, matte neutral palette, these might work for you too! The palettes I’m comparing are the Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eyeshadows in Classic Nudes and Canyon Classics.

I got my two PF palettes at Rite Aid when they were having a buy one get one free sale! I have seen a lot of buy one get one 50% off, but I don’t think I have ever seen a bogo free sale! I was super excited and got these two quads for only $7.25 plus tax. The Naked Basics 2 palette is $29 at Sephora. Lucky Lindsey works at Sephora so gets a discount which is awesome 🙂

Skimp (satin pale nude) Stark (nude pink) Frisk (warm light grey) Cover (soft red-brown) Primal (medium brown) Undone (deep smoky brown)















Canyon Classics 1 (smoky grey) 2 (dark ashy brown) 3 (cool-toned ashy brown) 4 (muted white)  4
Classic Nudes 1 (cream white) 2 (red-toned brown) 3 (medium camel) 4 (light beige)   3















Having different photos taken in different light doesn’t allow for a perfect comparison, but I think you will get the idea.

There is no match for Skimp in the PF palettes, neither in finish or color. Oh well.

In the pan, Stark looks very similar to Classic Nudes #1, but when swatched, Stark is more pinky where #1 is more creamy white.

Frisk matches almost exactly to Canyon Classics #3 and is similar to Classic Nudes #4 (even thought they do not look the same in the pan)

Cover matches to Canyon Classic #2

Primal doesn’t really match any of the PF colors, but would be closest to Classic Nudes #2. Classic Nudes #2 is more red toned and Primal is more cool toned

Undone is a closest match to Canyon Classics #1. Canyon Classics #1 is actually darker and more grey

My Rite Aid only had these two quads, but there is a third one called Quartz Quartet which looks beautiful also!

I was mostly on the fence about getting the Naked Basics 2 because I don’t often wear an all matte eye and didn’t really want to spend $30 on an all matte neutral palette. I was so excited to find these quads on sale at Rite Aid. Even not on sale, the two of these would only be around $15, half the cost of the Naked Basics 2 and with two more colors.

The PF quads are so velvety and pigmented, I was totally impressed. I have one of the PF shimmer strips eyshadow palettes and I didn’t love that one so much so I was a little nervous about getting these. The texture is so nice, velvety, soft and smooth. The lightest colors in both of the quads are a little powdery, and I do find there is some fallout when using these shadows. Owning the Naked and Naked 3 palettes, I know that as awesome as Urban Decay shadows are, they also have quite a bit of fallout.

Finding these PF quads has definitely made up my mind, and I won’t be purchasing the Naked Basics 2.

I hope you guys liked this comparison and found it helpful! I am a drugstore girl at heart and love finding good drugstore dupes for high end stuff!



21 thoughts on “Naked Basics 2 Dupe???

  1. Awesome!!! I love dupes- between the two brands I’m much happier purchasing from PF than UD. I think PF will go on sale 40% off at Ulta next week too, yay! That + $3 off a $10 purchase = savviinnggsss! ❤


  2. I think it makes so much sense to go drugstore with colors like these-I mean it seems like they mainly get used for transitions colors/creases/blending, etc. Granted I’m probably biased since the basics palettes seem like the most boring unappealing things ever to me haha


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