Easy Pirate Halloween Makeup!

Hey everyone!!! Its almost time for Halloween!!! If you are like me, then you usually plan your costume super last minute and don’t have a ton of time to get things done. In my next few post, I want to share with you some very do-able halloween makeup ideas! All of these looks can be changed to fit your style and look and should be able to be done with the makeup you already have at home!

My first look I wanted to share with you is an easy pirate look. I already had this pirate hat from my husband’s costume last year. I added the white feather and wore a black and white striped shirt to add to that pirate look. My love of Captain Jack Sparrow inspired me to make the eyes of this look super dark and smokey.

Here is an overview of the makeup I used πŸ™‚

Urabn Decay Ammo Palette Physicians Formula Canyon Classics Quad Urban Decay Naked Palette NYC Kohl Eyeliner NYX Lipstick Lorac Baked Blush Milani Baked Bronzer

For this look, I kept everything pretty dark. I used my Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow to add a strong contour to my face. I also wanted to keep the blush rather dark so I use my Lorac baked blush in Hollywood. Its an awesome dark golden-rose color. For a classic red lip, I used the NYC Lipstick in Ruby. These lipsticks are super cheap, but at least this one has good color payoff.


Now for the eyes! I kept them a bit messy…cause if you are a pirate, you probably don’t care about having neat makeup, right? I think I used nearly every black and grey that I owned for this look. To start out as my all over lid and crease color, I used the matte grey from the Physicians Formula Canyon Classics Quad. I have a comparison of this and another PF Quad to the Naked Basics 2 Palette Here.

I used the NYX Kohl Eyeliner in black to line my water and tightline.

I realized in the photo above, I starred Gunmetal in the Ammo Palette, but I actually used Mushroom, which is the more silver/grey color in the bottom row. (I guess that doesn’t really matter since I did in fact use Gunmetal in the Naked Palette and just now realized that it is the same in both palettes) I used Mushroom this to darken the lidΒ and continued it down under my lower lash line. I used Gunmetal from the Naked Palette to add to the darkness under the lower lash line and crease. I used Creep from the Naked Palette as an extra bit of liner on my top lash line. I like how it added a little bit of extra shimmer to the look too.


Sorry I’m so bad at taking close ups of my eyes.

This would be a super easy last minute look that you could do for a Halloween party or even for work if you made it more of a brown smokey eye instead of black if you are in a professional environment. But it is Halloween, so why not go for it! I’m sure almost all of you have some grey and black shades that you could use for this look. Then just add your favorite red lip and you are ready to go!

Hope you guys like this easy Halloween look!


15 thoughts on “Easy Pirate Halloween Makeup!

  1. This is Brilliant!! I’m trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween, have nothing planned yet :s

    Thanks for the inspiration πŸ˜‰ Might just be a pirate this year.

    Xx Vicky


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