Review and Swatches: Urban Decay Smoked Palette

This palette has been discontinued.

This post is all about the Urban Decay Smoked Palette which comes with 10 eye shadows, a full size 24/7 Eye Liner in Perversion, and a mini Primer Potion.

Price: $49

Amount of Product: 10 x 0.03 ounces

Animal Testing: Urban Decay is cruelty free

This post will be primarily focused on the eye shadow palette.

DSCN4062 DSCN4063 DSCN4069 DSCN4077DSCN4072  DSCN4078 DSCN4093DSCN4081 DSCN4083 DSCN4084 DSCN4089DSCN4086


After vigorous scrubbing with my fingers!
After vigorous scrubbing with my fingers!


This palette features 10 eye shadows at 0.03 ounces each. There are four matte shades (Kinky, Freestyle, Backdoor, and Blackout), and the rest are shimmery. There are some shades with micro shimmers, but no large glitter chunks. The insert of the palette is cardboard, and it comes in a nice zippered case. There is a well in the middle for the eyeliner.

Matte Pale Cream
Matte Medium Peachy Beige
Shimmery Taupe/Silver/Brown



Matte Deep Brown
Matte Black



Shimmery Medium Brown
Shimmery Purple/Plum
Shimmery Iridescent Blue


Shimmery Blackened Deep Green
Shimmery Blackened Deep Green
Shimmery Grey
Shimmery Grey

DSCN4156 DSCN4166

These shadows make for a great smoky eye palette! Kinky and Freestyle are perfect shades for highlighting, transitioning, and blending. Additionally, depending on how you use these shades, this palette will create more than just dark, smokey eyes. Smoky eyes don’t have to be only black…colorful smoky eyes are my favorite!

These colors are nicely pigmented and applied and blended nicely on my eyes. Evidence (the blue shade) is more of an iridescent blue with a black base as oppose to a strong, opaque blue shadow. I get some powdery kick-up when I put my brush in these shadows, and I did experience fallout under my eyes (especially since they are dark shades).

Here is the look I created using this palette. I used Freestyle as a transition shade, Backdoor in the deepest part of the crease, Barlust on the inner and outer eyelid, Evidence in the middle of the eyelid, and Kinky at a brow highlight. I also mixed Backdoor and Evidence on my lower lash line.

DSCN4221DSCN4216DSCN4217DSCN4208 DSCN4209

This palette also comes with a look book featuring tons of detailed information about different eye looks you can create as well other educational information. You can tell a lot of effort was put into this 26 page booklet. Here are some example pages.

DSCN4181 DSCN4182 DSCN4183 DSCN4184 DSCN4185 DSCN4187

I’m so happy I picked up this deal! Having a palette focused on smoky eyes is such a fun idea, and these dark colors are beautiful. I’m excited to use this palette more, and I can certainly share more looks with it too! I hope this post was helpful for you, and thank you for reading!

33 thoughts on “Review and Swatches: Urban Decay Smoked Palette

  1. You can never go wrong with Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. They’re colours and pigmentation are just in a class of its own


  2. I saw this deal, but I passed because I just bought an expensive palette. UD eyeshadows are wonderful quality though and the price is great. Love your look


  3. Nice! I have a store credit that is roughly the value of this palettes so I’ve been thinking about purchasing it myself. But I love the dimension of the shimmer shades!


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