Festive and Easy Halloween Eyes: Two Versions

Hey friends! Despite Halloween being the perfect opportunity to go crazy with fun makeup and costumes, I surprisingly will not be sporting a costume this year. So for years when I don’t have a specific costume in mind, I still like to be in the spirit of the holiday by sporting festive colors!

I wanted to share a quick and easy festive eye look for those of you who don’t have a costume or perhaps can’t go all out because of work or other commitments.

This is a very easy eye look since it’s less about specific products being used and all about colors. All you really need is an orange and a black eye shadow!

I used a shimmery orange shade on the inner half of my eye and a matte black shade on the outer half. I built up and then blended each color multiple times to get everything to look smooth. I finished with a light transition color to blend the crease, a brow highlight shade, and that’s it!


If you want to spice this look up a bit more, it’s easy! Simply put your orange shade on the lower lash line and your black shade on the outer half of the lower lash line. Finish either look with your favorite mascara or false lashes.

I used Venus from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette (post here) and Blackout from the Urban Decay Smoked Palette (post here). For transition shades and my brow highlight, I used the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Matte Palette.

DSCN4247 DSCN4260

I hope you enjoyed this simple, festive look!

29 thoughts on “Festive and Easy Halloween Eyes: Two Versions

      1. Your welcome! Ah yes I know that feeling. This definitely looks just as good though, makes such an impact even though it is simple xo


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