Halloween Makeup Look

Hey everyone! Since I’ve shared some Halloween eye looks with you the past couple days, I figured it would be appropriate to show you the look I actually chose for today!

Here’s what I did for the look:

  • thick winged black eyeliner
  • blending black, purple, and orange into the crease
  • using a thin line of black to create a “new” lower lash line
  • filling the space in between the lower lash line and lower black line with orange
  • white/nude shade in the lower waterline
  • orange to black gradient brows
  • using eyelash glue to attach small orange rhinestones under the eye (I found the rhinestones in the jewelry section at Michaels for just a couple bucks!)
  • false lashes
  • pair with any lip color you like-I think a Halloween color like black, orange, or purple would look great!

Hope you enjoy this look! Wishing everyone a very fun and safe Halloween!!


DSCN4344 DSCN4337DSCN4340 DSCN4338DSCN4346

25 thoughts on “Halloween Makeup Look

  1. Have I told you how absolutely talented you are?? This is such an amazing look, Christina!!! I mean, all of your Halloween makeup looks are so pretty, but this one is super cool with your eyebrows and the winged eyeliner all around!! Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you had a fab Halloween!!


  2. This look is so lovely! Really different to the usual zombie and vampire looks you see everywhere! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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