Mini Haul! 

Hi everyone!! I recently took a trip to Rite Aid and Walmart and I wanted to show you what I got! They had a bunch of sales going on when I went to Rite Aid and the two that I took advantage of was 40% off Revlon and 40% off Wet and Wild!

Since it was 40% off, I got a backup of one of my favorite eyeliners. This is the Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner in Black Brown. I love this eye liner, and it is one of the only ones I have tried that does not smudge all over my lower lash line!


I decided to get a couple of lip products that were on sale as well. I got the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in # 530 Rose Quartz. The different thing about this gloss is that it doesn’t have the traditional doe-foot applicator. This gloss actually comes with a little brush as its applicator. Since Wet and Wild was also 40% off, I picked up the Wet and Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in #126 Rico Mauve. I love the color of the Revlon Lip Lacquer! It is one of those, your lips but better colors. The Wet and Wild Balm Stain is actually a bit more pink that I thought it would be, and I have come to the conclusion that I do not like very pink lip colors on me.


Left: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer Right: Wet and Wild Balm Stain

The last Wet and Wild item I got on the 40% off sale was one of the Megalast nail polishes. I feel like I must have almost every color this polish comes in, but somehow I found one I didn’t have! This is a beautiful purple called On a Trip. I am excited to see how this looks on my nails.


I live in a decently small town and so when I walked into my Walmart and found Wet and Wild and Flower Cosmetics I was super excited. The first thing I grabbed was the Wet and Wild Color Icon Contouring Palette. They had two shades in this palette and I got the lighter of the two shades called Dulce de Leche. The other color looked a bit too pink toned fro my skin. I am interested to see how this will actually contour on my face because just by swatching it on my hand, it doesn’t have as much pigmentation as I thought. This is could beneficial though so I don’t get too heavy handed and look like I have dirt all over my face 😉 I think this is something that is a Walmart only item, because I have never seen it at my Walgreens.


I wasn’t going to get this brush, but it just looked so pretty! This is the first thing I have ever tried from the Flower Beauty Line at Walmart. This is the E01 Ultimate Eyeshadow Brush. To me, it seems a little fluffy for an eye brush, but I think it will be really great for blending shadows. Its claims are ” softest, finest man-made hair, washable brush head”. It is really soft and fluffy and I am excited to see how it blends out shadows.


My last purchase was the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. I love having gel nails because they last for so darn long, but I don’t like to pay to get my nails done and I don’t like that my nails sometimes get torn up after having gels on. I have no idea if you can use this with regular polish and have it have the same effects, but I will find out! Do any of you know if this works just as well with regular polish as it does with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish?

I hope you all enjoyed my little haul! I had fun doing some shopping, finding sales, and finding things in my town I didn’t have before!

8 thoughts on “Mini Haul! 

  1. Update! I am now going on day 5 after painting my nails and using the Sally Hansen gel top coat and my nails are going pretty strong! I have some chipping on the very top of two nails on my right hand but my left hand is still totally prefect! I do a lot of work with my hands at my job so polish usually only lasts a day or two without chipping. I am impressed!


  2. Great haul! 🙂 I have the same shade in that W&W lip stain, I picked it up thinking its kind of nude but it does tend to become very pinkish when applied! 😛 Loving the lilac nail paint.


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