False Eyelash Tips

Hey everyone! The lovely Sierra from The Glam Gala recently requested that I write a post about how to apply false eyelashes which I am happy to share with you today.

1. Always give yourself enough time: Putting on false lashes in a hurry most often ends in disaster. I can recall a number of times when I’ve been in a rush and think “oh I’ll just throw on some eyelashes really quickly” only to deal with frustrations of glue getting everywhere and crooked application that has to be redone anyways. Don’t rush it. Make sure you have plenty of time to focus and do things slowly.

2. Measure the lashes against your eye: This step is crucial! False lashes can often be longer than your eye so when you try to apply the lash, it can be uncomfortable as it stabs the inner corner or your eye or extends crookedly on the skin past your eyelid. Place the lash on your lash line and maneuver it around on your lid to test the fit. I like to measure by using my inner corner as the starting point. A lash too close to the inner corner is super uncomfortable so I place it where I want it making sure it isn’t too close to the inner corner and measure the length from there. If it’s too long, it’s easy to trim with scissors or nail clippers. Trim small pieces to make sure you don’t over do it. Depending on the shape, you can trim from the longer end, shorter end, or both. For a lash that gets longer from front to back, I usually trim the longer side in order to keep the lashes shorter near my inner corner where I often have the most discomfort. But if you have a lash that’s symmetrical from the middle out, you can try trimming a bit from each end.

3. Pick the right lash band: If you’re new to false lashes, you will likely have better luck if you choose false lashes with a clear or thin band. These band types are typically more flexible and more easily and seamlessly blended into your lash line. Some false lashes have very thick and inflexible black bands and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing especially for more dramatic looks, these thicker bands can be much stiffer, more apparent on the eye, and harder to maneuver especially if you’re not used to working with them. You can also roll the lashes around a brush handle or just use your fingers to roll the band back and forth to loosen it up and give it a nice curve that will help the lashes fit the curve of your eye.

4. All about glue: When applying glue to the lash band, you want a line of glue that is of medium thickness. Too little glue and it won’t be enough to stick to your lid. Too much glue and you end up with a goopy, sticky mess and glue all up in your natural lashes. Also, give your glue time to get tacky before you place the lashes on your eye. It may take a little testing depending on your glue to figure out how much dry time you need. Some glues are tacky right away, but some take at least 30 seconds to become tacky. Some glues change color as they dry which gives you a nice hint. You want the glue to be tacky so that when you place the lash on your eye, it doesn’t slip around. Sometimes I like to apply a little extra glue on the inner and outer corners of the lash since those are the spots that tend to pop up after you apply.

5. Figure out how you like to apply your lashes: How you place false lashes on your lash line is a matter of personal preference that will take some experimentation. Some people like to use their fingers, others like to use tweezers, and some like to use special applicator tools that are made specifically for applying false lashes. I personally like to use a pair of tweezers because I feel like my hand gets in the way and blocks my view of where I’m trying to put the lash. If you choose to use tweezers, another tip is to play with the angle of how you hold the lashes in the tweezers. For instance, I think the typical method is to hold the lashes with the tip of the tweezers perpendicular to the lash band. However I’ve been playing around with holding the lashes where the tweezers are parallel to the lash band so I’m gripping more lashes in a longer length of the tweezers instead of just the tip. This gives me more stability when placing the lash on my eye.

6. Look down into the mirror: I find it helpful to look down into a mirror to apply my lashes. That way you have a nice clear view and it gets your natural lashes out of the way.

7. Lash placement: For me, the easiest way to place false lashes on my eye is to start at the center of my eye followed by the inner and then the outer corner. Once the glue is tacky, I use my tweezers to set the center of the false lash on the center of my lash line. If it looks like it’s in the right place, I use the tweezers to place the inner corner of the lash and then the outer corner. Try to put the lashes as close to your natural lashes as possible without putting them on your lashes. There is a little ridge/groove in between your lashes and you eyelid-this is where I try to place my lashes so that band is as inconspicuous as possible.

8. Cut your lashes into sections: If you’re having trouble placing an entire strip of false lashes on your eye, you can always cut the lash into sections! You can cut your lashes in half or even thirds. Working in small sections can be a lot easier-that way you don’t have to worry about the entire lash sticking down and getting things perfect on the first try. It’s a lot easier to place a few smaller sections of lash on your eye than to try and get the entire curved shape to stick down.

9. Eyeliner: Once you’re done applying your lashes, you can go in with a black liquid liner to either fill in blank spaces or go over the entire lash band to make everything look completely black and even.

10. Practice makes perfect: As with most skills in life, practice makes perfect! Try different kinds of glues and different types of lashes.Try applying the entire strip and try cutting the lash and applying in sections to see what works best for you. The drugstore has plenty of great lash options at reasonable prices-you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get great false lashes.

11. Reuse your lashes: I always use my eyelashes more than once! Fancy expensive lashes are not the only ones you can use multiple times. You can gently peel the glue off of the lash band when your done or use a Q-tip and some makeup remover to give them a thorough cleaning. I also apply mascara before applying false lashes, not after, and that keeps them cleaner and looking like new.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Do you have any false eyelash tips that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear them! Thanks for reading and see you next time 🙂

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    1. So glad you think so, thank you! That’s a good idea! I’ve used dark glue before but didn’t love it since usually the lash gets stuck on my eyelid somewhere first and then I have a dark splotch that’s hard to get rid of haha


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