Update: Products to Use Up in 2017

FotoJetHey everyone! I’m about a month late for a half way check in, but I thought I’d share an update with you regarding my progress in finishing the products I chose to use up in 2017. I must say, this is a challenging process! A huge problem for me is that I just don’t wear makeup that often (despite how much I love it) due to my daily schedule. I usually go to the gym on weekday mornings and putting on makeup after that to go through the rest of my day with my daughter just doesn’t make much sense. But for the sake of using things up I may just have to start using products even when I don’t need to 😉 Here is the update! I will provide final reviews in my end of the year post.

  • Two Freeman Beauty face masks: Not used up but a few more uses each and these will be done.
  • Equate eye makeup remover: Used this up!
  • Two Eye Shadow Bases (NYX and Jordana): Have not finished the NYX Milk Pencil, but I did finish the Jordana Eye Shadow Stick
  • Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Matte Palette: I have not finished this palette, but there is a lot more pan showing than there was before. I’ve completely finished the top three shades and now there is pan showing in every shadow except for one.
  • Three lip liners (NYX, Jordana, and Milani): The NYX Pencil is quite short now, and I think I can get it used up pretty quickly since it’s a nice neutral color. I haven’t used the Jordana much since I’ve been focussing on the NYX pencil. I’ve barely touched the Milani anti feathering liner…need to focus on this one more.
  • Sephora Free Birthday Gifts (Marc Jacobs, Benefit, Makeup Forever): I finished up the Marc Jacobs eyeliner and the Makeup Forever mini lipstick. Still working on the Marc Jacobs Lipstick and the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter Stick is down to a small nub.
  • Two Lip Crayons (NARS and Jordana): Making good progress with Nars pencil, and the Jordana Crayon has been used down to a small nub.
  •  Maybelline Nude Lipstick: I’ve only used this a handful of times since I’ve been focusing on the other lip products.
  • Two NYX Lipglosses: Haven’t given these much use…just a handful of times for the pink one, and I can’t find the other one anywhere! It seems to be lost.
  • NYX Matte Setting Spray: Used up!
  • elf Lip Balm: Big chunk of pan in this potted lip balm, close to being done with consistent use.
  • Three Colourpop Eye Shadows: The pan in each of these eye shadows is bigger than before, but I think these take a deceptively long time to use up even though you can hit pan quickly!
  • Two Foundations (Tarte and elf): I’m getting close to finishing both of these. Ive reached the bottom of the elf stick and now have to dig the remaining product out of the tube. Haven’t used the Tarte as much.
  • Two Concealers (NYX and elf): Finished the NYX, almost done with the elf.
  • Wet n Wild Brow Highlight Stick: I’ve used this a few times, I actually don’t feel as big of a need to use this up because in using it, I’ve discovered that I really like it!
  • Three Bare Minerals Mineral Powders: Almost done with the loose powder, still work to do on the pressed mineral veil and the pressed ready foundation.
  • Kat Von D Eyeliner: All used up.
  • Physician’s Formula Bronzer: Bit off way more than I could chew with this…haven’t used it much because I’ve been focusing on another “bronzing” product
  • Wet n Wild Contour Palette: The matte cream side is used up but only because it sadly broke and fell apart…the contouring side has a huge chunk of pan so I feel confident I can use it up!
  • NYX Blush: Decent piece of pan…can’t believe I’ve hit pan on a blush!
  • elf Under Eye Setting Powder: Used up!

Hope you enjoyed this update! Having never done any panning projects before and considering how infrequently I wear a full face of makeup during the week, I know I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this project. But I’m feeling very motivated to use up these products and will put as much effort as I can into doing so!

2 thoughts on “Update: Products to Use Up in 2017

  1. I’m like you. I only really wear makeup on the weekends, and if I have the time during the week. I haven’t done a pan project before, but have recently been looking into them, for the fact I want a little kick into starting to wear makeup every day. I’m glad you have used some of these up, and hope this gives you a little nudge to wear makeup for often. xo

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    1. Yup, that sounds so similar to my thought process! I think that it will, it did today in fact and I was able to finish up another product! I think it’ll make me think about what I buy carefully as well as make new purchases more appreciated 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

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