CoverFX Perfect Highlighting Palette: Review and Swatches

Hello everyone! Today’s review is all about a beautiful highlighting palette from CoverFX called the Perfect Highlighting Palette. If you are interested in a video review, I’ve shared that at the bottom of this post 🙂

Available for purchase exclusively at Ulta and on the CoverFX website

Price: $39

Amount of product: 6 pans x 0.11 ounces = 0.66 total ounces

Other details: cruelty free, vegan, free of parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc

I hadn’t seen or heard anything about this palette until I stumbled across it in stores at Ulta. Being the highlighter enthusiast that I am as well as having a 20% off coupon and some points to use, I thought I’d pick it up! As for the status of this item, I’m not sure if this is limited edition or permanent. I saw on a Trendmood instagram post that this palette was tagged limited edition for holiday 2017, but when I check the Ulta and CoverFX websites for information, I don’t see anything about this palette being limited edition. I asked CoverFX on one of their Instagram posts if this palette is limited edition, but I haven’t heard back. I will make an update here if I can find out for sure!

The packaging of this palette is beautiful and sturdy. It’s a plastic palette with a click closure. The front of the palette is a beautiful, mirrored gold finish. It has a nice sized mirror which stands up on its own.

I think $39 is a fair price to pay for this set of highlighters, and I was surprised this wasn’t more considering that CoverFX can be a pretty pricey brand. Certain high end highlighters can cost around $40 for a single color so I think it’s a great value to get six shades to play with. For instance, a Becca highlighter, containing 0.28 ounces is $38. For $39, you get this palette which contains 0.66 total ounces which is over twice the amount of product in one Becca highlighter.

This palette comes with six pans of highlighter including the shades:

Blossom-pearlescent pink
Prism-white with icy blue shift
Rose Gold-rose infused gold
Golden Peach-warm peachy gold
Celestial-pink toned pearl
Gilded-warm bronze

The shades in this palette are beautiful, and I can see them flattering a wide variety of skin tones. I have fair skin, and I feel like I can wear every shade except Gilded although I think you have to be careful with the shades Blossom, Rose Gold, and Golden Peach. I prefer a lighter application of these shades because if you build them up intensely, the base pigment really stands out and you can tell it makes the top of my cheekbones a bit darker than my skin.

The formula of these highlighters is lovely. The powders are soft and smooth and these powders contain very finely milled shimmers. The only shade that looks a little more glittery is Blossom. These highlighters apply smoothly and are easy to blend out on my skin. They are buildable and can be used for a soft sheen or can be built up to an intense shine. I tested these powders over five days and they lasted very well on my skin through the 9-10 hours that I wore them.

Top Row: Blossom, Prism, Rose Gold    Bottom Row: Golden Peach, Celestial, Gilded


Left to Right: Blossom, Prism, Rose Gold, Golden Peach, Celestial, Gilded

I think this is a lovely highlighting palette full of high quality, flattering shades. I hope you enjoyed this review and please feel free to leave any questions or comments below! My video review of this product which also includes comparison swatches and live face swatches is also linked below. Thanks so much for reading!

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