Blog Name Change

Greetings fellow beauty lovers and welcome to The Makeup Moth!

My name is Christina, and I am the makeup lover and author behind The Makeup Moth. You may recall that this blog used to be entitled acasualbeauty (which is why the watermarks on photos in older posts don’t match the current name) so here is the scoop behind the change.

Years ago when I decided I wanted to start my own beauty blog, I spent ages trying to come up with a suitable name. Nothing struck me. Names I considered were already used, too cliche, or too boring. I felt stuck. In the meantime, my sister had been running a beauty blog but didn’t have the time to maintain it so as I was telling her of my interest in starting a blog of my own, we decided I may as well take over what she had already started which was acasualbeauty! It was a great plan and eliminated the need to start something new.

Over time as my goals, style, and skills have evolved, I decided I wanted to work on cleaning up and making changes to this blog especially since a new name finally came to my head. I loved my sister’s acasualbeauty name, but since I didn’t choose it, I never quite felt like this blog was actually MINE. Here’s how the new name came to be.

My husband and I were in a drugstore one evening, and I told him I was going to go peruse the makeup aisles. And it hit me. I told him “I’m always drawn to take a peek at the makeup aisles, I’m like a makeup moth.”

So if you too are drawn to makeup like a moth to the flame, welcome!

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