Then and Now: Fall Leaf Makeup

Good evening guys! Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for yet another months long hiatus. Clearly having some time management issues here.

As I was looking back through some of my older blog posts, I came across a fall leaf inspired makeup look someone had requested me to do. Looking at the eye makeup I thought hmmm, I wonder what I could put together now that I’ve had literal years of play and practice time with makeup.

I’ve seen a lot of then and now posts on Instagram in regards to how peoples’ makeup skills have improved over the years so I thought I would share a comparison of my own. I didn’t do an exact recreation of my original look but used it as inspiration and stuck to a similar color scheme. The top two photos are from October 2014 and the bottom two photos are from September 2017.

Obviously there is a difference in lighting and camera quality but even then…does anyone else notice a difference?? I sure do. I feel like the look I created this year is a lot more refined and blended, the shadow placement is different and improved, and it just has a better overall appearance! Plus my eyebrow is looking a tiny bit better 😅

It’s so crazy to think about doing my makeup years ago feeling like I was doing alright, feeling pretty “fancy” since I still used a lot of crazy colors, and at least doing the best I knew how to at the time. I was quite surprised to directly compare the old photos to my makeup of today where I feel like there have been some definite improvements in skill as well as better execution and even instincts. It’s quite motivating to see the changes especially considering they happened naturally simply with practice. I never did my makeup thinking “oh man I’m terrible, I need to improve” but just continued to create look after look trying my best, learning new techniques, and unintentionally improving.

I hope you enjoyed this ‘then and now’ comparison! I still have a lot of learning and improving I know I can do, but I hope this helps show what a positive difference simple practice and time can make!

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