Brush Spotlight #1: elf Essential Concealer Brush

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a quick post with you about one of my favorite brushes. Now be careful with your bank account on this one…it costs one whole dollar!

I’m talking about the elf Professional Concealer Brush which is part of their essential line. Also, elf is a cruelty free brand.

It’s a small concealer brush, but the reason I love it is because of it’s multi-purpose functionality. The brush bristles measure about 1/4 of an inch in length (about 6 millimeters.) It’s a very firm brush with little give to it.

I use this for many things-certain types of concealer (spot concealing in particular, not under the eye obviously), cleaning up messy mascara or other makeup mishaps, cleaning up the brows or lips, highlighting the inner corner of the eyes, other eye detail work…it’s just so darn handy. There is no fluff to this brush at all, just a little bit of flex back and forth. It’s very firm so in case you do use it for eye shadow, use gently as it would be easy to create divots in your products. I’ve also heard others mention that they love this brush as a tool for nails and cleaning up manicures!

Overall I just love this multi-purpose brush! And I bet for a buck, you could find a purpose for it too 🙂







18 thoughts on “Brush Spotlight #1: elf Essential Concealer Brush

  1. You were so right about these! I went and picked up 2 this weekend for polish clean up since my other brush finally have up the grave! They are awesome and for a buck who can beat that?!?! Thanks a million!


    1. Oh that’s awesome!! Really happy to have contributed! You know I hadn’t even thought of nail polish work with these. Someone else mentioned it in another comment and I thought, wow that’s a great idea 🙂 For a buck especially it’s great to have a little stock of these.


  2. i actually didn’t like it for concealer or really anything i tried it for on the face, so i use mine for cleaning up nail polish after i paint my nails! so handy, it’s the perfect size for it.


      1. Finally bought one, and I LOVE IT! Hello new favorite liquid liner brush! It’s just the right stiffness, yet soft to the touch. Thanks a million for recommending it.


      2. Yay I’m so glad you enjoy it!! I can definitely see getting more for multiple purposes. You’re so welcome and I’m super happy it’s serving a great purpose for you 🙂


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